Cuckoo Clocks

If you seek uniqueness in home décor, then a cuckoo clock is the perfect addition. Cuckoo clocks are the most famous form of ornamental clocks – one that is decorative as well as functional. Traditional and Chalet are two of the most favored styles. The traditional style is known for deep carvings and rich stains that illustrate their German Black Forest origin. It depicts a nature scene with animals and foliage, or a hunting theme with hunters, game, rifles, and sometimes a deer head. The Chalet, on the other hand, has intricate carvings with hand painted figurines. Almost all Chalets have animated characters and music that will move and play on the hour. The cuckoo will come out, woodchoppers will chop, bell ringers will ring, mill wheels will turn, or beer steins will be lifted up as happy couples dance to music. Discover a lovely new addition to your home from our collection of cuckoo clocks for sale.

The two types of movements found in cuckoo clocks are mechanical and quartz. Mechanical movements are the most prevalent, and are powered by weights and gravity. They are either classified as an eight-day clock which are wound once a week, or a one-day clock that need to be wound daily. These clocks may also play music. All musical clocks have three weights and play two different songs: The Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss. One-day clocks alternate songs on the half hour, and eight-day clocks alternate songs on the hour. A quartz cuckoo clock utilizes quartz crystal for accurate time-keeping and is powered by batteries. These clocks play music on the hour from a selection of 12 electronic melodies. Tick Tock Goes the Clock offers a wide selection of carved, musical, and quartz cuckoo clocks. Shop our entire website for a great selection of wall and mantel clocks as well, such as a unique Astrolabium clock or a skeleton wall clock, that you will cherish for years to come.