Mantel Clocks

Welcome to our marvelous array of quality mantel clocks, where you can shop for the ideal clock to accent your living space. Historically, mantel clocks were placed above the fireplace as a focal point in the drawing room or parlor. They were not only a functional time piece, but also added decoration and beauty to the room. Today mantel clocks are used in a variety of ways to complement the décor of any room, such as a home office, formal living room, or bedroom. Mantel clocks help you keep track of your day while also providing a great visual display. Tick Tock Goes the Clock offers a complete selection of elegant mantel clocks to adorn your home wherever you need an eye-catching accent. Shop now!

When you shop with us you can choose from classic or modern styles that are key-wound or quartz, chiming or non-chiming. They are available in various designs such as tambour, bracket, barrister, table, skeleton, and tellurium. Consider an elegant quartz table clock or key-wound tellurium on your night stand or kitchen hutch. Accessorize your home by adding one of these exquisite mantel clocks on a bookcase, tabletop, or mantel. Round out the decor of your living or family room with an elegant timepiece from our hand-selected clocks! While you are visiting, be sure to browse through the luxury German-made wall clocks and River City cuckoo clocks for your living room or kitchen. We are committed to bringing you high-end clocks to decorate each room in your home.